New Beaver Programme

The new national programme for Beavers sees the current Challenge Awards and some Activity Badges being discontinued in September and replaced with a new set of Challenge Awards and some new and revised Activity Badges.

The new Challenge Awards are age related with two being completed in a Beaver’s second year.

Beavers Adventure Challenge
Adventure Challenge

Beavers Skills Challenge

Skills Challenge

Beavers Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge

For our Beaver Colony it means a rewrite of the existing programme with a two year cycle of activity badges, including some of the new badges.  Click here to see the new activity badge cycle. The Challenge Awards will be completed from parts of these badges, other meetings, and an occasional visit and sleepovers.

Currently a dual programme is being run.

Beavers World Challenge

World Challenge

Beavers Teamwork Challenge

Teamwork Challenge

Beavers Outdoor Challenge

Outdoor Challenge

Beavers due to move up to Cubs by December 2015 remain on the ‘old’ programme with a Challenge and Activity Badge each term.   This will enable them to complete all the requirements for the Chief Scout’s Bronze Award; assuming they attend the appropriate meetings, etc.

Those Beavers who shall be staying in the Colony beyond December 2015 have had the new programme back dated to the start of this year. New personal records and new ‘tick sheets’ shall record their progress with the new Challenge Awards and some of the Activity Badges.

Chief Scout's Bronze Award

Chief Scout’s Bronze Award

The Chief Scout’s Bronze Award requires all six Challenge Awards shown above and four Activity Badges being successfully completed.

Full details of the Beaver Scout badges and awards can be found here and details of the individual Challenge Awards can be found by clicking on the relevant badge above.

Alternatively, please see the GSL if you have any queries or concerns about how it will affect your son.